Andrew Sullivan heads for the hills

Sullivan’s off to spend some quality time goofing off. Too bad. I’d love to hear him spin his way out of this:

“There is no outbreak of heterosexual child molestation in the American church. In the words of the late Rev. Michael Peterson, who co-founded the well-known clergy-treating St. Luke Institute, ‘We don’t see heterosexual pedophiles at all.’ Put differently, it would be profoundly misleading to tell the tale of Rudolph Kos–what he was and what he did–without reference to the words ‘homosexual’ and ‘gay.’” Just a snippet from the Elephant in the Sacristy, the moment when the mainstream media finally got around to connecting the dots between some rather obvious pathologies at work in the gay subculture and abuse of boys, boys, boys, boys, boys, boys, and boys. Welcome home, my mainstream brethren and sistren, you’ve struggled up the mountain and found a group of bloggers were there months before you! Well, except for Sullivan, who seems to have some sort of agenda which keeps him from acknowledging the obvious.