Useful Idiots and the Seal of the Confessional

A reader sez:

I’m sure you remember Lenin’s remark about people who were sympathetic to Marxism and hadn’t realized that it was a giant swindle that enabled leftist intellectuals to ride to power on the support of the proletariat. He called them useful idiots.

Now, there are not an insignificant number of Catholics, both clerical and lay, who feel that auricular confession is an outmoded ritual, one which should be replaced by general absolution, confession among peers or small faith groups, or even should be eliminated altogether. They do not realize that the destruction of the sacrament of confession (as indeed with all sacraments) is one of the enduring projects of the lowerarchy. So, they will be among the useful idiots who will be unwittingly complicit in the campaign for the destruction of the confessional, and their present opportunity will be the support for limiting the totality of the seal of the confessional by the chattering classes.

Here’s a bit of prophesy: expect to see some priests involved in a movement to place restrictions on the confidentiality of the confessional. Their stated motivation will be “for the children”, but they won’t recognize in themselves an egoistic desire for affirmation by a world which approves of their point of view, as well a latent rebelliousness against the authority of the church, which also garners them kudos from the dissenting class.

All the more reason for us to keep up the fight.

Hadn’t thought of this, but the logic is sound. I suspect something like this will be one of Hell’s strategies should the devil succeed in launching a war on the Sacrament of Confession. St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us.