Wishful and wrong headed

Somebody writes:

The next scandal will be unearthed when the medica can’t find any more child-molesting priests, and then discover how much homosexual activity there is in the priesthood.

There is one and only one solution to the crisis: Defrock all homosexual priests and keep homosexuals out of seminaries.

While I agree that homosexuals should, as a rule of thumb, be kept out of the priesthood in the future (and that anybody who engaged in homosexual practice should be booted), I think that it is wishful thinking to suppose the media will point to the large number of gays in collars. They have twisted themselves into pretzels to avoid making this fact noticeable (see Sullivan, Andrew). Just as they have done everything in their power to avoid noticing that the abuse is almost entirely homosexual in nature.

That said, while most victims are victims of homosexual abuse, it does not follow that most homosexuals are abusers. So I think that kicking all homosexuals (what is meant by this? practicing homosexuals or those who merely experience same sex attraction?) needs to be clarified. Those who practice the grave sin of homosexual intercourse should go, I think. They show contempt for their vows and pose a danger of showing more serious contempt for our children which should not be countenanced. But what of the Henri Nouwens? Shall we punish the innocent just to make sure we nail the guilty? Those who heroically remain celibate deserve our respect, not a bayonet.