A reader observes…

Stephen Brady’s [of Roman Catholic Faithful] comments are of the same type as those of Andrew Sullivan. The Church will not fail because of this scandal. We will not have to start attending dissident, heretical, schismatic churches over this, be they “conservative” or “liberal.” The Church has lasted for 2000 years, people.

Just so. The solution is not to listen to the over-wise or the over-foolish giant. It is to return to the Tradition, not to break with it by schism of either the Sullivan or Brady variety. Every crisis in the Church’s history has provoked people of extreme temperaments to extreme solutions. This one is no different. Those who demand to remake the Church in the image of Andrew “Why should the Church have any sexual teaching at all?” Sullivan or those who demand to remake it in the image of Stephen “Do what I demand or I’ll join the schismatic and reactionary Society of Saint Pius X” Brady (both sides always call such images “the true spirit of Christ” of course) ignore the fact that the Church has a Lord already and that he does things in his time and way, not in theirs.