My Friend Pavel Remonstrates wth Me

With all due respect – and I have a lot of it for you – you’re way off base when you say ‘…search every middle Eastern male and every Saudi..’

Without getting too feverish about it, I think you should take a look at the book titled: ‘A Convenient Spy, Wen Ho Lee and the politics of nuclear espionage’, by Stober and Hoffman, Simon & Schuster, so you can see what a disaster it is to profile a whole ethnic and national group, not only from the ethical, moral, legal and political perspective, but from the law enforcement perspective.

Not only is that sort of profiling illegal, and not only would it make the investigating bodies vulnerable to law suits, it also makes tracking down the real terrorists just about impossible.

Practically speaking, an investigation with a million suspects might as well not even start.

[In the case of Lee, he was only one of literally thousands who might have committed the main crime - if there ever was a crime. They went after him because a certain ambitious high level official at the DOE had Chinese spies on the brain, and because it was politically opportune for Congressional Republicans to seize on the issue, and because the NYTimes ran a hasty and ill-conceived, ill-informed piece that put enormous pressure on the Administration to do something, *anything*.]

As for putting all Muslims into the same bag – I won’t even go into it, except to say that I think you’ve gotten just a wee bit carried away.

I’m willing to grant I got carried away, but I hope I wasn’t giving the impression that the Feds should go out and investigate a million people. I simply meant that we need to pay attention to whom we are at war with and not waste energy focusing on those with whom we are not at war. I don’t mean a million people should be placed under surveillance. I mean that when a Saudi or Middle Eastern man flies, you check his luggage and not waste time checking the luggage of the blue hair lady, nun, or little kid.