Bob Sungenis $1000 Geocentrism Challenge Update

Bob’s pronouncements on the burning question of a Non-Rotational Earth get more confused and odd. This weekend, after contender Gary Hoge posted an elegant proof that the earth rotates on Steve Ray’s board, the challenge was suddenly pulled from Bob’s site with a torrent of conflicting explanations. Much laughter.

Bob then restored the Challenge because, as he put it “It seems that there has been a great demand by our opponents to leave the Challenge up…or pay out the $1,000. So we’ve opted for the former.” Refreshingly forthright.

Now the struggle continues, of course. It turns out that those NASA satellite location programs Gary used to show the earth rotates are part of a grand pro-heliocentrism conspiracy at NASA. Strange how these fake computer motion predictions can be used to help astronomers all over the world see the satellites through telescopes with their own eyes in just the location and at just the time predicted, but they are doubtless part of the Conspiracy too. No word yet on whether the Moon landings were faked.

And (which is what concerns me) it turns out I was right originally in saying that Bob’s basic position appears for all the world to be that Real Catholics[TM] must agree with him on this kooky notion or face the fact they are heretics who sin against “the word of God and the judgments of the Church“. This will come as a surprise to, oh, every educated Catholic in the entire world.

Why does this kookiness matter? By itself, it doesn’t. Everybody needs a hobby and geocentrism is as good a one as any. But when this kookiness is linked by a somewhat prominent Catholic apologist to the question of “What it means to be a good Catholic” it starts to matter since it makes the Church look preposterous to her enemies and confuses the weak who take Bob seriously and think they might somehow be bound to believe this incredible nonsense. (Don’t laugh. The Church proposes all sort of things for our belief that are not easily believable, such as the Real Presence or a Trinity. A demand for geocentrism seems to some newcomers like “just one more weird thing Catholics have to believe”. Only it adds the extra difficulty of being counter to all our actual scientific data while the Real Presence or the Trinity is not unscientific, they merely transcend science.)

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