“Frodo Okulam”?

A reader sends this bit of weirdness:

In this week’s (May 31, 2002) “Catholic Sentinel” Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon newspaper

(There is no link to the particular article)

Holy Name Sisters Accept Associates……

Last month, the Holy Name Sisters welcomed 11 new associate members into the community. The rite was held in the Holy Names foyer of the Provincial House at Mary’s Wood in Marylhurst.

New associates are ……Frodo Okulam….

All have been connected with sisters over the years and wish to combine their ideals and hopes with Charisms of the sisters. Three of the new members are Protestant Christian ministers. The other eight are Catholics who have been active in ministry.

Associates are affiliated with the community, but do not take canonical vows. They try to abide by the sisters mission statement, which reads, “Moved by an active love, we collaborate in the church’s mission of education, with emphasis on education in the faith, and with a special concern for the poor and disadvantaged.”

End of Article

About Frodo, who was mentioned in Michael Rose’s “Goodbye Good Men” (pgs 159-161)

Frodo is a priestess of the Goddess and both a Dianic Wiccan and Ecofeminist Christian. She is the coordinator of SisterSpirit, a women’s spirituality group based in Portland, Oregon. She is ordained clergy in Metropolitan Community Church and teaches Women’s Spirituality at Portland State University. She holds an M.A. in Theology from Mt. Angel Seminary and is a candidate for a Doctor of Ministry degree from Marylhurst University/San Francisco Theological Seminary. She is author of The Julian Mystique, which describes the life and teachings of the 14th-century mystic Julian of Norwich and relates them to our times. “EarthSong: SisterSpirit’s Contribution to the Spirituality of the Eco-Justice Movement” is the topic of her dissertation. SisterSpirit has been offering rituals to create change for over 16 years and currently contributes to Wiccan groups, May Day Coalition and other eco-justice actions as well as providing monthly women’s spirituality celebrations.

Me thinks we should be look’n at the formation of women religious as well………

Gosh. What could possibly be odd or un-Catholic about Frodo Okulam, Dianic Wiccan?

Memo to the Archbishop of Portland: WAKE UP!!!!