More entries in the ever expanding “What’s so Bad About Sex with Children” files

Chastity Bono was out last week, singing the praises of her lesbian awakening at the hands of an adult babysitter. Meanwhile the odious Judith Levine continues to make headway with her vile foray into academic legitimation of child rape, Harmful to Minors? (which Amy Welborn has the misfortune of having to review).

Over at Salon, cultured despiser Charles Taylor reviews a book about 19th century sexual adventurers and their forays into (among other things) pedophilia with a cool “Who are we to judge?” attitude of postmodern idiocy. And for a capper, the LA Times does a “balanced” puff piece on the odious Levine (requires registration). “Balanced” means they consider advocates of pedophilia as having just as valid a case as those who oppose it.

It’s inevitable really. A media as committed as Andrew Sullivan to the notion that there could not possibly be anything amiss with homosexuality and that God cannot possibly have any limits on our demands for pleasure, is bound, when confronted with the obvious fact that homosexuals are far more like to have sex with minors, to find some way around that fact. Sullivan has been fighting a rear guard action which is two-pronged: 1) Deny the connection between homosexuality and abuse of boys, boys, boys, boys and boys and 2) blame the bishops exclusively for their failure to stop homosexual priests from abusing boys, boys, boys, boys and boys.

But that strategy won’t keep. Most people are not sufficiently stupid to go on not noticing this connection forever. So a new strategy will have to be put into effect. That strategy is what you see in the items mentioned above. Every single one of the them says, in effect, “What’s so bad about sex with children anyway? When are we going to outgrow this irrational taboo?”

The push to legitimate child sex will come. Depend on it. Just as surely as the assault on the Seal of the Confessional will come. And the amazing thing will be to see advocates of the Zeitgeist simultaneously screaming for the heads of bishops while trying to claim that the child abuse they failed to prevent is, really, anyway, not “abuse” (what an irrational taboo, they’ll say), but a legitimate “mentoring” by more sexually experienced adults who have only the very best in mind for their young apprentices.

Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that hates children.