Geriatric! Come back here you whippersnapper and I’ll hit you with my cane!

Emily, I love ya, but you’re wrong. It is not a foregone conclusion that “abandoning …belief in the Resurrection, the Virgin Birth, and the Trinity….is the eventual fate of all congregations separated from Rome.” Is it a very real possibility? Yes, and the lamentable career of liberal Protestantism (including I Can’t Believe It’s not Roman CatholicismTM in many and varied manifestations demonstrates this. But Orthodoxy does not appear to be on the verge of rejecting any of these doctrines. Nor do large swaths of Evangelicalism. The missing piece from this picture is the reality that the Church of Mary–of discipleship–”precedes and makes possible” the Church of Peter (i.e., the Church of office). The Holy Spirit can blow where he wills and those who are open to obeying Him, even those who are not in visible union with the Petrine office, can retain a grasp on significant chunks of the gospel, the fullness of which subsists in the Catholic Church.

This is not, of course, to say I think the Petrine office and union with the Church optional. We are bound by the sacraments–including Holy Orders. But God is not bound. The Petrine office itself teaches this.