More on Savage

Several readers seem to have the impression I was giving Savage an endorsement. I wasn’t. I was simply pointing out that Savage, in his profane way is acknowledging what I have pointed out elsewhere: that you can’t square the circle. Homosexual practice (not orientation) and Catholic teaching are irreconcilable and attempts to cling to both are as doomed as the attempt to serve God and Mammon.

There are, of course, other courses to pursue besides rejection of the gospel or vain attempts to square the circle (which is simply another and slower way of rejecting the gospel if pursued to the bitter end). Acceptance of the gospel, so often found difficult and left untried, is always an option. David Morrison and other Courageous Christians are an excellent guide here–and therefore often bitterly hated by those who despise and fear the cross. Nonetheless, they are signs of Christ crucified, the power and the wisdom of God.