Fair Enough. I Can Buy That.

A friend of mine, who is a world-class expert on the relationship between Church and State under communist regimes, writes:

I just caught your post on the Cuban defectors, and the response of a hierarch about them. Remember, that given the circumstances he almost has to say what he’s saying, or the chances of any Cuban Catholic youth getting a visa signed while old fuzz beard is alive are pretty much nill. Precisely because the Church is living hand to mouth and the persecution is subtle, leaders there have to give more an appearance of “neutrality” than they might like. The way the spokesperson said what he said puts the “blame” of the defection on people Castro’s security thugs can’t hurt.

Okay. I can buy that. Indeed, I can even respect the Cuban spokesman for being willing to endure brickbats from people like me so that other Cubans might get out in the future.

I do still have a hard time with the Canadian guy though, unless the Canadian regime is more repressive than I’ve heard.