VOTF Continues Down the Path of Being Co-Opted by the Same Tired Radicals

From the VOTF message board, posted Mon Jul 22, 2002 3:05 pm:

I attended the conference Saturday and was greatly disappointed in many respects. Jim Muller and Paul Baier have emphasized that VOTF was not a left or right wing group, but wished to transcend what is obviously a barren dispute in order to side with the victims of clerical abusiveness.

“What I heard, instead, was the same left wing ideas I’ve been hearing most of my Catholic life (I’m an under 40 post-Vatican II Catholic). Jim Muller’s diagram of the Church re-newed, butressed by left and right putting aside its differences, was not exemplified in the choice of speakers, unfortunately.

Most disappointing was the misrepresentation of the Vatican II document “Lumen Gentium” on the Church, which nowhere gives the laity a role in the governing of the Church. Read the chapter entitled “On the Hierarchical Structure of the Church” especially the last sentences of paragraphs 18 and 20, if you doubt this. The laity’s role in the Church, according to the same Council document, is secular — we’re called to change the world not to engage in ecclesiatical politics, the kind of which have hindered the evangelizing mission of the Christ’s church ever since Vatican II. Paragragh 31 of Lumen Gentium summarizes the Council teaching well.

I note at least a quarter of the assembly Saturday seemed to vote with their feet and walk out after the morning talks. I attended with a friend who was a victim of clergy sexual abuse — he felt used and marginalized by the convention’s proceedings.

Stuff you don’t hear about in the NY Times.

Prediction: VOTF will congeal into an ur-Call to Action group, flail about for a few more years, maintain a small base of people who have utterly forgotten what they are to be about (if they ever knew) and simply join the background of yapping malcontents espousing doomed leftisms. A pity really.