A reader sez:

Just now reading your blogs about VOtF, I wonder why in all the VOtF deception and lying (I got some of it first hand weeks ago in an email exhange with Paul Baier of VOtF), that no one is sitting that organization down in the liar’s seat. (Liar’s seat? Yes, in fact I just now invented this phrase … if you’ve heard it before, then I haven’t except for possibly being an additional inventor of it.)

To me, intentional deception is a rather serious act. It has something to do with the Commandment about bearing false witness, or about denying the truth (idolatry, since God is truth).

So, why have the pure of heart not yet leveled the idea of lying and deception upon the advocates of corruption of the Church?

My own impression of VOTF is not of lying, but of profound confusion. Being fallen, it’s certainly on the cards that they could fall to lying, just as they are already falling to muzzling those who criticize them. But I’ve not seen it yet. I simply see badly catechized people flailing around and saying increasingly stupid things because they don’t have the foggiest idea what it is they are really trying to do. If they aren’t careful (and I’ve seen little evidence they are) they will be rapidly co-opted by the same tired dissidents who know exactly what they want to do.