More Truth Cancer

Watched “Cromwell” last night. A very interesting portrayal of the process of Truth Cancer. Cromwell begins by opposing the tyrannical power of King Charles (who dissolved Parliament and ruled by “divine right”–until he needed money). When he recalls Parliament, Cromwell gives many sincere speeches about the rights of “the people” and winds up fighting Charles, who gets it in the neck in the end. Cromwell eventually…dissolves Parliament because they aren’t up to his levels of righteousness and rules as Lord Protector till his death.

It somehow made me think of VOTF. David Alexander has sent VOTF the link to Dom Bettinelli’s story that I posted below. Their response:

Bettinelli is not a “reliable source.”

Is this not perfect? Does it not sound exactly like a stonewalling press release from the Archdiocese of Boston or LA?

Amazing how quickly VOTF is coming to sound like a bunch of butt-covering “Deny, deny, deny” flaks from Cdl Mahony’s office, denying stories that the LA New Times has beaucoup documentation on. Similarly, Dom has the documentation on the “Sex for Kids!” advocacy of SIECUS right on his site in SIECUS’ own words. He likewise has documentation that VOTF has given SIECUS pride of place in their conference on “reforming” the Church.

If they are really open to the voice of the faithful then they had better learn to to deal with it when the faithful point out their folly and stop talking like an abusive bishop covering his derriere when confronted with the facts.