Voice of the Fuddled Sinks Deeper Into Stockholm Syndrome

Dom Bettinelli reports:

Deborah Hafner was one of the honored guests at the recent “Voice of the Faithful” confab at the Hynes.

You know about SIECUS. That’s the group that, back in Y2K, instigated “A Religious Declaration on Sexual Morality, Justice and Healing.” The “declaration” called on all faiths to bless same-sex couples; to allow gay men and lesbians to be ministers; to provide open access to abortion and sexual education; and to oppose all forms of sexual oppression, including notions of marital status and the innocence of children.

Ms. Hafner’s reported comments include such pearls as:

“It’s not ‘anything goes.’ It’s just that no matter what gender orientation you have — bisexual, transgender — no matter what sex you are, no matter what age you are, no matter what marital status you are, no matter what sexual orientation you are, you have a right to sex.”

No matter what age you are, says VOTF invitee Hafner, you have a right to sex. Kind of Shanley-esq, in my mind anyway.

“To oppose all forms of sexual oppression including notions of…. the innocence of children.”

Do not misunderstand this. SIECUS is not talking about the dangers of oppressing the innocence of children by sexual abuse. It means that the “notion of the innocence of children” is a form of oppression that keeps children from enjoying sex with people like Paul Shanley. These are the cretins that VOTF is turning to in its “response” to sexual abuse of children. Tutored by men like Shanley for 20 years, VOTF is now naturally turning to people with his ideas (it’s all they know or understand) in order to resolve the crisis prompted by his betrayal. How pitiable. How stupid. How contemptible. This has to be a world record example of Truth Cancer metastasizing into its opposite. Scant months ago, VOTF began by saying we must reject the Tradition in order to exalt one piece of it [in this case, the need to protect children]. Already, they are embracing creeps who are now calling for more freedom to have sex with children as they cling to the rejection of Tradition but forget what they were trying to save.

Show me a culture that despises virginity and I’ll show you a culture that hates children. God bless David Alexander (and send him speedy help from other orthodox Catholics (hint! hint!) as he tries to keep VOTF from running headlong off the cliff their neglectful shepherds have steered them toward.