Bravo Bishop Robert Vasa, Diocese of Baker, Oregon!

“Perhaps our laxity in not more strongly proclaiming and enforcing the teachings of the church about the necessity of chastity before marriage, the sinfulness of contraception within marriage, the evil of adultery, the evil of homosexual acts, the horror of abortion and the necessity of Sunday Mass has been an abdication of leadership. Our failure to act more effectively relative to moral decadence within the clergy is certainly a sign of a lack of moral leadership and we will work to remedy this defect. I am pleased to see so many of the Faithful rallying for Bishops to speak out more directly against evil, insisting on stricter ‘moral standards’ for those (clergy and laity) involved in ministry. This provides a perfect opportunity for Bishops to teach much more strictly and forthrightly, not only about the evil of child sexual abuse by clergy or anyone else but about many other pressing moral issues in our society at large. The laity have asked for a stronger moral voice from their Bishops and I hope we have the courage to respond.”

Blessed Father in the faith, your words are like cold water to people in the desert. Keep it up! Readers interested in praising good bishops (which is vastly more effective than flailing at bad ones) can email their kudos to the Chancellor of the Diocese.