More Weird Choices for the Bishop’s Oversight Board

You’ve never heard of most of these people have you? Neither have I. Greg Popcak talks about why yet another of these guys is a remarkably dubious candidate for dealing with sexual abuse. He also links to Domenico Bettinelli’s piece on board member Pamela Hayes, who’s given $18,000 to various pro-abort candidates and is a big supporter of the Ice Queen Senator from New York, Lady Macbeth Clinton. (And what’s up with the aviation company guy on the board? What’s he know about Catholic theology, pastoral care, or, well…anything?) Happily, the board looks like it’s fixing to become cocooned in administrative chaos rather than metastasize into some destructive Frankenstein, but we’re not out of the woods yet.

A much simpler solution would be for the bishops to learn what their office is and live it. Then they would need no board.