Sandra Miesel (rhymes with “diesel”) comments on the Jesuits sadistically martyred at the hands of the Iroquois:

I’m not making this up: several years ago our state museum had a show on Jesuit Fr. deSmet and the Rocky Mountain Indians, called SACRED ENCOUNTERS. The catalog had a picture of the Iroquois torturing Jesuits with the caption that they killed them that way to honor them!!

One of the curious holdovers of Puritanism in the PC Left is the insistence that only Christians and Europeans should really be held accountable as adults and full moral agents for their actions. From excuse-making for Iroquois (but full moral accountability for white settlers), to the ceaseless overlooking of the grossness of men like Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson (but full blame for the stupid statements of Jerry Falwell on 9/11), to the constant willingness to call for “contextualization” of every heinous thing the Aztecs did (but full accountability for Cortez), this pattern plays out. The PC Left betrays all the high-handed contempt that Cotton Mather felt for the heathen in its insistence on infantilizing non-Christian/non-European evildoers while simultaneously regarding Christians and Europeans (this would include Euro-Americans of course) as full moral agents accountable for their actions. I agree that Christians and Europeans should be held accountable. I merely suggest that the world would be a far better place if slimes like Al Sharpton were treated as the disgusting wretches they are and not persistently lionized as respected leaders whose little foibles are excusable because, well, he and his community must be infantilized since the heathen can’t be expected to live up to the standards of the Elect.

Amazing how the fumes of Calvinism linger on long after the theology is dead.