1492: The Conquest of Paradise and All That

Those who are enthusiasts for the myth that the world is neatly divisible into Evil Christian European Environmental Rapists vs. Happy Matriarchal Earth-Affirming Pagans in Touch with their Sexuality and the Rhythms of Mother Gaia should contemplate this little vignette from the martyrdom of St. John Brebeuf:

Brébeuf’s death, as described by witnesses, was not likely to be lost to history even without a shrine. His flesh was apparently stripped from the bone, his skin blistered by boiling water in derision of the baptisms he had conducted among the Huron, his body burned by pitch and resin-drenched bark and heated stones, his lips cut off when he would not stop praying and, finally, his heart ripped from his chest during his final conscious moments.

Turns out that even non-Christians are fallen. Whaddaya know. (Though I’m sure there are a few fringe Christian haters out there who will tell you, like a Wahoobi moron blaming a rape victim, that the victim was asking for it and secretly enjoyed it. These people are about as rare as academics at Ivy League schools in the general population. In fact, they *are* academics at Ivy League Schools for the most part.)