In case you’d forgotten it, Rev. Sun Myung Moon is still a royal kook and so are his disciples

I especially like the unsolicited testimonials from various denizens of the netherworld to supplement the unanimous chorus of endorsement for Moon from the founders of the Great Religions. Here’s a product endorsement from Karl Marx and channelled through some Moonie seer or other:

Karl Marx (1818-1883, The founder of Marxism; born in Trier, Germany.): I, Marx, affirm God’s existence and that He is the Parent of all humankind. I denied God and shouted loudly with confidence to the extent that people believed me more than God. Now I’d like to reveal my experience with God to the whole world. I felt that my theoretical paradigm was crumbling as I listened to the Godism lecture. At the same time my pride was damaged severely. When I listened to Godism, I thought it was a dream, but it was not. Then a beam of light came into my heart like a red-hot bullet.

I, Marx, have met God. I have found that He is the Parent of humankind. I have felt the greatness of God’s love. I clearly convey to you who God is. He is the Parent of humankind. Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who is on the Earth, brought this fact to light. The Divine Principle and Unification Thought express the original standards that open the way to salvation, so you must read them. I ask this of you seriously. I clearly say that I apologize for my past to God and True Parents and love them and am proud of them. Marx, April 18, 2002

We now know Marx is in hell. Where else would you spend an eternity listening to Godism lectures?