Speaking of Rod…

As this blog notes, Andrew Sullivan is pretty good on the war and Bush. He was one of the first voices of moral clarity out of the gate after 9/11 and performed invaluable services to humanity by carefully documenting (and exploding) the stupidity and evil of the “We hate life, ourselves, and you” Left which couldn’t articulate an intelligent response to Islamofascism to save its soul. For that, I will always be grateful. But when it comes to sex and the Catholic Faith, Sullivan is a fool. And he is so, not by a failure of the intellect, but by a failure of the will. His demand is that Catholic moral teaching justify his sex life and he tortures himself and the faith into an intellectual pretzel in the attempt to make it do so. He’s a walking, talking illustration of the fact that, for moderns, heresy typically begins in the groin. (Interestingly, for ancients, this is often not the case, but that’s grist for another blog.) Rod Dreher highlights this in a blog today, but it is evident everytime Sullivan opens his mouth concerning Catholic moral teaching. In Catholicese, the latinate phrase is “concupiscence darkens the intellect”. In plain English, sin makes you stupid. Or as C.S. Lewis said, “The trouble with trying to be stupider than you really are is that you can often succeed.”