Bp. McCormack of Manchester NH in the news again…

A priest says McCormack is trying to destroy him for knowing to much about a pervert priest. McCormack’s henchmen say, in true Clintonian form, that the priest is “mentally unstable”.

The priest “consented to a psychological evaluation in April. Though he was found to be mentally sound, Arsenault told the clinic conducting the examination that MacCormack lacked “any prudent sense of with whom to share confidences,” according to a copy of the psychological report reviewed by The Associated Press.

Translation: the priest actually thought that bishops like McCormack could be trusted to do the right thing. But padre! This is the bishop who expected us to believe that he just didn’t notice anything amiss when credible evidence was given to him that Paul Shanley advocated sex with minors.

Boy, McCormack’s a new man after Dallas.