More Voice of the Fascists hijinx

David Alexander sends along the following:

The following information was posted to the VOTF message board:

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But for now, VOTF does offer victims of clergy abuse some hope of being listened to by the lay Catholics and others in our society.

Among the “rays of hope” was Deborah Haffner, scheduled to speak “on ways to have safe parishes.”

Deborah Haffner is past president of SEICUS, an organization which has promoted “the right to sexual pleasure” for young teens.

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The thread was immediately locked. This after the same information was removed the first time, as part of a letter by Kelly Clark, some contents of which are being denied by the VOTF as “misinformation.”

Stay tuned…

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UPDATE: The Thought Police have now permitted access to the post. Please keep all comments docile and in accord with the General Will as expressed by the Board Overlords. Right thinking will be rewarded. Wrong thinking will be punished.