“Biotechnology is transforming the world around us, far more quickly than we can build a regulatory structure to accommodate it.”

In the words of poet Pavel Chichikov, all of human history can be summed up in two sentences. The first is “What could it hurt?” followed sometime later by “How was I supposed to know?”

Pavel comments further:

That article reminds me of a crack made by the famous (also eccentric and funny) physicist Wolfgang Pauli about someone’s hypothesis:

It’s so far out of it, it’s not even wrong.

Making human-animal hybrids presents a philosophical problem which should be solved by a federal science bureaucracy?

Sometimes it seems that some of these people at the Times are literally insane.

Pavel, I used to know a guy who said, “There is no problem so subtle or complex that it can’t be solved by brute force and ignorance.” I’ve often thought he would make a great advocate of expanding federal power.