Speaking of which (again)….

Jody has also been writing to say “Ideas, in and of themselves, have no consequences. They have influence, they have a figurative might and in many cases a mythological truth. Actions — speaking, writing, working, fighting — those have consequences.” So far, Samuel Schmitt seems to be the only one to voice my response to this odd expenditure of energy on Jody’s part: “If ideas don’t have consequences, could someone remind me why we’re all here?” Jody appears to be doing a sort of poor man’s Aristotle impression against what he takes be a lot of dumb Platonists. For myself, I can only say that *arguing strenuously* that ideas have no consequences is something like when members of the postmodern academy get together to present closely reasoned papers on why language has no meaning and then, at lunch, haggle with the waitress about the whether the bill is accurate.