At last Jody and I can happily agree

Jody writes in a comment below: “Is there an invisible sky god up in the air getting ticked off every time you find someone attractive and fantasize about a torrid affair involving whip cream, M & M’s and day glow yarn? No. Is there an invisible cave god smoking brimstone and chuckling with maniacal glee when you go all a-ga-ga after stumbling onto the 14th annual g-string swim suit competition? No.”

Just so. No “invisible sky god”. No “invisible cave god”. Just the real one. And his approach to such matters is much more nuanced than the caricature which you apparently carry about in your bosom based on memories from a Chick Tract you read once in 7th grade, Jody.

The wonderful thing about Jody is how often he seems to go out of his way to illustrate little observations I’ve made over the years. Recently, he rendered his services to illustrate my remarks on the strange affinity between Fortress Catholicism and Fortress Homosexuality. Now he chimes in to illustrate something I’ve long believed: Scratch an atheist, find a Fundamentalist.