A reader sez:

Having had the privilege of knowing many Iranians, I have a soft spot for their culture, especially that which has not been corrupted by the excesses of Islam. Not many people know this, but this is the country that has arguably produced some of the world’s greatest poets (Hafez, Sadi), pre-Christian religious reformers (Zarathustra), and wine (Shiraz). What’s more, I think it is a culture that is ripe for evangelization. I know two Iranian Christians – one Catholic and one Evangelical – who are absolute models of what a Christian should be.

With that in mind, I’d like to direct your attention to the fact that many sources are saying that the present Iranian regime is on the edge of collapse. We, as Americans and Christians, should therefore be prepared to offer spiritual, financial, and moral support to our brothers in Iran, and think about how we eventually we can proclaim the Gospel there when the opportunity to do so arises.

He’s not just woofin’. Over at Catholic Exchange, I’ve carried on a conversation with an Iranian student who hates the regime and who is very interested in learning more about Christianity. This student (I can’t reveal many details for obvious reasons) request I send along as much info as I could and (get this) said that all the student (and teachers) at the student’s school were eager to read it too. I continue to wonder how well Islam as a whole will survive when it doesn’t have the benefit of a despotic state mandating its observance and forbidding all other religions to speak. I strongly suspect a lot of it will collapse like a house of cards.