A reader cc’s me with the following letter to the Diocese of Cleveland:

The Catholic Church has always taught, and still teaches, that homosexual acts are always grave sins, and that persons with homosexual tendencies are to be loved but helped to overcome their disordered inclinations and taught to lead chaste lives (we are all obliged to lead chaste lives). For the Cleveland Diocese to display the “Gay Pride” rainbow triangle sends a message that homosexuality is something to be proud of.

The excuse, so far, for leaving it on the website, despite numerous complaints, is that the diocese offers a homosexual ministry. I am sure that the diocese also has programs in place for alcoholics; I do not see any “alcoholic pride” symbols on the website. As long as the diocese retains such a politically charged symbol on its website, it is sending the wrong type of message. Why not a cross, or the word COURAGE, or a saint known for purity to represent the ministry. We all have weaknesses and shortcomings. I cannot understand why anyone with such a complex disorder, who seeks to live a chaste life according to the will of Christ, would be proud to display his weakness with such a symbol. It would be insulting to me. Like an alcoholic choosing a tipsy Irishman for a logo or mascott. Those who embrace this symbol are those who do not wish to change themselves, but rather, to change the Church’s views on this matter (and to change our civil laws, as well). Christ asks us to deny ourselves, not his teachings. I urge those at the diocese to BE FIRM in your defense of the Faith. There are already too many organizations out there who are tempting us to embrace “tolerance” of evil actions.

Personally, I’ve always thought it peculiar to seize on the worst of the Seven Deadly Sins as your motto. Perhaps, in addition to “Gay Pride” we can have “Full Gospel Businessman Avarice” or “Singles Lust” or “Knights of Labor Sloth” or “Overeaters Anonymous Gluttony”?