Hope for All you Folks Rushing off to Marry a Wiccan

St. Monica’s husband Patricius eventually converted:

This fruit of her prayers, of her long-suffering, and of her

steadfast application of the Gospel precepts took a long time

to mature. It was only after sixteen years that Patricius was

baptized. Nor did Monica enjoy for long her husband’s company

at the Lord’s Supper, for he died only a year later, in 371.

Nevertheless, her aim had been to sanctify her husband for

eternal life, and, by the Grace of God, this she had achieved.

It remained for her to extricate her wayward son from the delusion

of the passions and from the Manichean heresy. This required

another fourteen years of persistent prayer. When at last his

heart, too, was converted, her joy was complete.

However, before you try this at home folks, you might make sure you are a saint.