My Last Post to Fortress Homosexuals for the Nonce

Gosh! In addition to the War of the Rose, my comments boxes have been aflame with passionate non sequiturs and desperate distractions from the grotesque business at the MC Church. Mike, generally the more civil of the Mike ‘n Jody show, has been largely answered, though I did want to note two last things.

First: the “Hey! It’s just one MC Church!” thing will carry more weight with me when somebody produces a statement from the other MC Churches saying, “Ick!” I suspect such a statement will be a long time coming.

Second: the “it’s this particular article” thing will likewise carry more weight with me when said statement is issued by the MCC. The activities documented in the article are, oh, what’s the word I’m looking for? “True.” They go on under the banner of the MCC and the MCC churches have not, so far as I know, disassociated themselves from them or condemned them. Which is my whole point. Fortress Homosexuality tends rather to attack critics of this stuff than the stuff itself. Yes, Jody, I’m aware that homosexuals are not all alike. Duh. Still the culture has a particular shape and smell, and gays who dare to break from that mold to criticize it are often treated quite brutally. Just ask Andrew Sullivan. Or the gay woman in Boston who was one of the first to smell a rat with Paul Shanley and who was pressured by Fortress Catholics *and* Fortress Homosexuals to shut up.

As to Jody: Thanks for the newsflash. Homosexuals are not a Church and Andrew Sullivan is not your Pope. Nice rhetorical squib, flashy and content-free. Um, I know this. However, in case you didn’t notice, the MCC is a church and its theology is therefore of interest to a blog that dwells with inordinate fascination on things like “theology”. To attack that theology, its practitioners and its ardent apologists and see-no-evil fellow travelers is, well, just part of what I do. I do so because the Fortress Mentality of so many in the gay community (such as Jody) smells just as bad as the Fortress Mentality in my communinon.

In short, it’s the Fortress Mentality I oppose and that is what I was lampooning in my piece. Your Fortress response, Jody, was a helpful bit of frosting on the cake. Thanks.

And now, farewell to all that for a while. I must go irritate the Death Penalty advocates next.