With machine-like predictability, Mike Hardy and Jody write to Shoot the Messenger

They complain about the link I posted to the exciting activities available at the Gay Church in the comments section. Jody asks, “And you think some heterosexuals don’t do this?”

Um, no. I think that it is rather rare for churches to devote their theology and time to saying this is all just ducky–even for heterosexuals. Churches which do attempt to normalize this under the mandate of the gospel (and make no mistake, MCC’s whole mission revolves around saying “This is all what Christ approves of”) are, not to put too fine a point on it, full of shit. In the Catholic communion, there exists at least a Tradition which can speak to aberrant freakish pastors and say, “You’re full of shit.” In the MCC, there’s nothing but do-it-yerself theologians tickling people’s ears and platoons of people ready to affirm everybody in their okayness and attack as homophobic anybody (such as me) who says “What you are doing is bullshit”. I will feel more confident about the gay community’s self-regulatory capabilities when the first instinct of guys like Jody and Mike is not to shoot the messenger, but to write the MCC and question the wisdom of their little workshops. It isn’t just Honduran bishops whose first instinct is to close ranks and pretend that the problem is those who dare to criticize them. The gay community is filled with past masters of the Fortress mentality.