Curious story on Thomas Kinkade art

What strikes me (once again) is the curious need of the Art Elite Crowd to pee in the faces of ordinary people. Fine. So Kinkade is not Great Art. What is helped by the juvenile who has to stick tanks, snipers, and naked women (not nudes, naked women) into his little parodies? (Oh, and don’t miss his blowing of snot upon Kinkade, the heros of 9/11 and, well, pretty much everybody.) Don’t tell me, people have to “wake up” to the fact we live in a violent, sexually exploitive world. Thanks for the news flash, bud. Hope you’re enjoying your sophomore year in high school.

Here’s an idea for the Art Elite Crowd. If you think the Herd is ill-served by Bad Art, why not create Good Art? Why pee in the faces of the people you claim to want to rescue from Bad Art? One gets the impression you don’t really care about us hoi polloi all that much.