Nihil Obstat’s Ship Has Come In!

A reader exults:

I’ve found an ideal time-sink that Nihil Obstat would probably take to quite readily, if we want to distract her from her mission of scrutinizing the writers of St. Blog’s.

The web site has volunteers maintaining its web directory, which feeds into search engines at MSN and Prodigy. I signed up in order to submit one site, and now a week later I find I have submitted about 1,000 changes, mostly various sorts of corrections to and rearrangements of the data already in the directory. Obviously I shall have to stop or I’ll never get anything else done.

If Nihil is the sort of compulsive person driven to fix typos and check that the listed URLs are working, this site will keep her busy forever. And if she decides to take over the maintenance of some of the Catholic categories, it’ll qualify as a “good work” too.

Mark, may I? …. Oh, thank you. Ahem:

Mwa ha ha ha.