When Bishops did this sort of thing, it was obstruction of Justice. When Planned Parenthood does it, it’s “heroic”.

Police in Buena Vista County, Iowa, believe the local Planned Parenthood clinic may have information that could help investigators identify the mother of a newborn baby who was abandoned at the county recycling center in May. The baby’s remains were found in a garbage shredder.

But the Planned Parenthood Federation of America says it will not sacrifice patient confidentiality for “the Iowa police dragnet.”

According to Planned Parenthood President Gloria Feldt, “Planned Parenthood will exhaust all legal remedies to protect our patients’ medical privacy.”

It boggles the mind that this evil organization prospers as it does. May God solemnly damn it and destroy it.

When bishops protect evildoers, they pervert their mission. When Planned Parenthood does it, it is fulfilling its mission. (Just a little clue into the difference between the two for all moral equivalency enthusiasts out there.)

Thanks to Emily Stimpson for the link.