The Church of Mary in Evangelicalism

Here’s a fascinating bunch of links from Family Life, an Evangelical pro-family ministry that has (as Evangelicals do with startling frequency) begun to re-discover Catholic teaching simply by trying to be disciples. In this case, its the biblical (not just “Catholic”) teaching on the unitive and procreative meaning of sex and the consequent sinfulness of artificial contraception. (They don’t use those terms to describe what they are discovering. But those terms do describe it.) More and more Evangelicals are beginning to see this truth about the biblical teaching concerning human sexuality. But mark this: they are seeing it because they are trying hard to be disciples–members (and this would shock many of them) of the Church of Mary, not because they are poring over magisterial documents. One day, they may well (as Kimberly Hahn did) start to encounter these documents and be surprised at how the Catholic Church seems to have gotten something right. Then they may discover other things the Church got right too. When the Church of Peter is functioning as it should, it strengthens and confirms the truths which the Church of Mary lives. When members of the Church of Mary see this (as I did) they are glad for God’s gift of the Church of Peter.