Interesting observations

Got this from a reader (thanks to you guys for writing half my blog. Makes my life easier!):

Lately I have been reflecting about the parallels between Islamism and Socialism. Perhaps the best way of approaching this subject is by way of illustration. First, let me quote a section from an article by the inestimable Bat Ye’or on the ideology of Jihad (which is a central tenet of Islamism):

Jihad ideology separates humanity into two hostile blocs: the community of Muslims (Dar ul-Islam), and the

infidel non-Muslims (Dar ul-Harb). Allah commands the Muslims to conquer the entire world in order to rule it according to Koranic law. Hence Muslims must wage a perpetual war against those infidels who refuse to submit. This is the motivation for jihad. It is based on the inequality between the community of Allah and the infidels, as was re-emphasized in the Cairo Declaration. The first is a superior group, which must rule the world; the second must submit.

Compare this to Lenin’s ideology of war, as written in “Socialism and War” (July 1915):

Our [socialists'] attitude towards war, however, is fundamentally different from that of the bourgeois pacifists (supporters and advocates of peace) and of the anarchists. We differ from the former in that we understand the inevitable connection between wars and the class struggle within a country; we understand that wars cannot be abolished unless classes are abolished and socialism is created; we also differ in that we regard civil wars, i.e., wars waged by an oppressed class against the oppressor class, by slaves against slaveholders, by serfs against landowners, and by wage-workers against the bourgeoisie, as fully legitimate, progressive and necessary.

Notice the parallels:

the division of the world into two classes, the enlightened and the unredeemable,

the apotheosis of the former and the dehumanization of the latter,

the disordered drive to conquer (libido dominandi) by the superior class,

the enlightened’s sense of entitlement to rule over those who persist in their heretical beliefs,

the view that the peace will only reign once the unredeemable are completely subjugated or eliminated, and

the latent antinomianism of the true believers.

What’s especially interesting is this: these attitudes are most certainly a consequence of original sin (a desire to be as gods), which is a reality that both Socialism and Islam deny.

This is why I pray that the light of the gospel reach the world: it notes that we are all sinners who are in need of redemption, that true peace is something that the world cannot give, and that the whole sum of the law is to love God and our neighbor.

PS. I know I am not the only one making this parallel, but I can’t help but point out that the most interesting twist on this is that which Chesterton made in his book “The Flying Inn” in which the progressives and islamists are allied.