The Council is failure and a mistake! We have to repeal it!

The Council of Nicaea, I mean. Look, it’s the year 362. The Council was in 325. It’s been over 35 years since modernists rammed through their Trinitarian agenda which relied on terms like “homoousious” that were actually condemned by earlier synods in order to compel the Church down the road toward compromise with Greek philosophy and paganism. We Traditionalists warned you neo-Catholics that this would simply mean abandoning the Tradition of the Apostles for a mess of pottage. But would you listen? No. You said this would purify the Faith and make it stronger. But instead, all we’ve seen is one Arian after another (or sometimes semi-Arian) in the imperial court, pointing the way to the future. Will Rome listen? No. Meanwhile, failures like Athanasius, who simply cannot face reality, go from defeat to defeat and exile to exile. Wake up, will you, Athanasius? The Council was a failure and a mistake! Sheesh! The current emperor–Julian–has abandoned all pretense of Christianity whatever and is trying to reinstitute paganism and rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem to show Jesus was wrong! How much clearer do things have to be to show that the Council of Nicaea was a tragic blunder? I say we acknowledge Nicaea has failed and go back to the Golden Age before the Council when everything was perfect and there was no trouble in the Church! Nicaea has no future.