More “tempt and accuse” agitations from the devil, starring The Laity!

Last month, everybody was screaming for a “Zero Tolerance” policy. The bishops complied (stupidly, I think). This month, everybody is screaming because the Zero Tolerance policy they demanded is being enforced. Life would be so simple if we Laity were really as full of the Gee-Whiz Capraesque Wisdom of the Common Feller as we think we are. My questions about this case are the same as the Jaeger one. What, exactly, did this priest do a quarter of a century ago? If it was as trivial as a backrub, and nothing has happened since, does he really merit crucifixion? On the other hand, if he really committed a sexual assault and should be jailed for it (though the statute has doubtless run out) then are the laypeople serious or not? Unfortunately, Zero Tolerance does not brook such subtleties–as laypeople and the bishops are belatedly figuring out.