Whoever you are, whatever you did, you did not have as much fun as me yesterday

I’m at my brother’s house in Olympia. By day, he’s a mild-mannered computer geek working for the Insurance Commissioner. But when cry goes out for truth, justice and big band music, he is transformed into Saxophone Man and plays in the Johnny Lewis band (Johnny’s the guy that wrote “Night Train”). They do lots of cool big band music. It’s a 20 piece band. Anyway, yesterday my brother (who lives on a lake) had the whole band to his house, they set up on the back yard looking over the lake, and wailed! Plus, there was a ton of food, lotsa guests, and a huge fireworks display to crown it all. I swam in the lake, goofed off with my guys, ate too much, and had a grand time. We stayed here last night, crashed in sleeping bags. Today, we bid reluctant farewell.