A jolting surprise for Fortress Catholics

Over at HMS Blog I’m holding forth on the weirdness of monotheists claiming that Muslims or whoever worship “another god” when the reality is, there is no other God. There’s just the One God. He’s it. He’s all. We can have wrong or incomplete ideas about him as Muslims do. We can worship figments of our imagination or trees and penguins (as pagans do). We can worship the Universe or sex or power (as atheists typically do, since atheism is simply the name people put to worshipping some created good instead of the Creator). But there are no other gods, just the One God and various creatures. If you worship a creature, you are an idolator. If you worship the One God, but have inadequate or wrong ideas about him, you are still, in some sense, worshipping the One God. The Church has always acknowledged this. It does not thereby pretend “We’re all saying the same thing.” But neither does it pretend we have nothing in common with other forms of monotheism. This irritates the Lidless Eye of Reactionaries who insist that the Council was wrong to say Muslims also worship the God of Abraham and that this was a novelty unheard of before the Council.

Now Pete Vere weighs in with this startling bit of info showing that the doctrines informing the Second Vatican Council’s views of non-Christian religions are, shazam, not new. Pete notes: “Among Dom Basile’s interesting discoveries is a letter from a Mideival Roman Pontiff to a Muslim Cailiff expressing the notition that Christians and Muslims worship the same God.”