They Don’t Know What’s Killing Them

When a liberal starts to get hysterical, he nearly always fall back on charging an opponent with being stupid. It’s all they know how to do. So, of course, here comes Rep. Diane E. Watson, California Democrat” proclaiming President Bush has a low IQ — “of 88.” Never mind the abundant evidence of a Texas (and national) political landscape littered the with ruined political careers of those who underestimate the intelligence of W. He’s gotta be dumb. It was the same with Reagan. I say: Keep it Rep Watson. As long as you believe your own hype you will continue to be the perfect stooge for a President who continues to be intelligent (just not the sort of intelligence you happen to value) and who will continue to run rings around you. Meanwhile, Rep Watson takes on the things that really matter, like rejecting square dancing as the official California state dance.