A reader sez:

I appreciate the tone of your letter to Samuel Adams CEO Jim Koch. He certainly deserves a spanking here. However, I am disappointed in your ninth point, asking him [demanding?] that he make a financial contribution to the Poor Box of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. That sounds a little too much Jesse Jackson-like to me. I certainly think it would be grand if he, and his company, did contribute, but to demand it as retribution seems to border on extortion. I don’t like it when Jesse Jackson does it to corporate America, I didn’t like it when the gay activisits did it to Coors, and integrity demands that I not like it when you do it to Sam Adams.

Other than this one point, I think you wrote a grand letter, and I enjoy reading your site.

By the way, I am also a boycotter of Sam Adams, and I did write them to say so. I will stop boycotting when I am convinced that they are no longer sponsoring shock-jock radio.

I would feel a bit more Jacksonian if I had demanded Samuel Adams give something to the St. Pat’s facilities and maintenance fund or the pastor’s salary. I would feel absolutely Jacksonian if I had demanded Samuel Adams make an immediate deposit to my PayPal account to the tune of 1 million dollars. As it was, I demanded they give something to the poor, not the Church, and not to me. It’s called penance, and is appropriate and fitting given that they have hitherto used their money to corrupt people rather than help them.