Stephen Hand’s critique of my piece on “community building” is mystifying me

He somehow forms the idea that I am pitting community against the transcendental dimension of the Mass and demanding people choose one or the other. Read the piece yourself. I could have sworn I said both were the goal, but that we get the former by focusing on the latter, not that the latter alone is important and the former must be rejected.

However, even weirder than this is the fact that Stephen has opted to put me in his email kill-file, so that I can’t respond to him in any way but on a public blog. Then, he uses my comments box to advertise an odd swipe at my piece. He’s welcome to use my comments box–even for that. But there is something rather ungracious about kill-filing a person and then showing up to advertise further insults against them on their own comment box, doncha think Stephen? This is community building? This is the social dimension of the gospel?