From the “My Readers Are Just So Incredibly Classy” Department

Mr. Koch –

I’m sure you’re busy, so i’ll keep it simple:

Protestant pastor, no Catholic family a’tall.

Massively offended, more by the cop-out rationalizations than by the fact you backed into this meat-grinder by way of doing PR, which i do actually understand.

Y’all crossed a line, and don’t seem able to say that you get it very clearly.

Please consider doing so; i can’t threaten much, as i like Guiness and Sam’l Smith Oatmeal Stout anyhow, but i do occasionally drink with others who do drink your product.

You’ve given me an interesting conversational gambit when that happens.

In Grace & Peace,

I won’t publish the name, address, and phone stuff, but I would urge you to check out this reader’s blog.

Oh, and Mr. Koch, there’s more mail where that came from but I don’t want to fill up my blog with it. Thanks, folks, for taking a moment to combat the culture of death. It does make a difference.