AIDS as a spiritual metaphor

A major American corporation sponsors sex in St. Pat’s on a solemn Catholic feast day. The response from the cardinal of New York?

Not a sound. Wanna know why?

CNN commentary: “I hardly think that the Catholic League is in the right position to be saying who should lose their job over indecent sex acts!”

Now the beauxeau on CNN is, of course, too ignorant to know that Catholic League is a) a lay organization and b) not exactly in the forefront of trying to offer justifications for our abusive priests or the bishops who love them. But the comment still points to the problem: the good Cardinal of New York, and so many of his fellow bishops, *have* put themselves in the position–for the rest of their lives–of being wholly unable to credibly challenge almost any assault on the Church from every degenerate wahoo out there. It’s actually *better* if they keep their trap shut than if they moralize about desecration of the Eucharist when the very hands which have confected it have been down the pants of little boys–or have signed paperwork protecting such hands and endangering more little boys. They, who were supposed be a vital part of the Church’s immune system from a world that still hates the Church and wishes to destroy her, are now largely rendered unable to defend her. So the job falls to lay organizations like the Catholic League and to lay people who are not (except by ignoramuses like the CNN commentator) associated with the Scandal. I hope these dedicated folks are up to the job cuz it’s theirs whether they are or not.