Speaking of the Triumph of Pleasure

Sandra Miesel mentions to me that “the lead headline in this morning’s Indy STAR is that three gay couples are suing the state for the right to marry. One lesbian pair has a son, made from donor sperm and the egg of one implanted in the other. (Resquisite picture of them with baby.)

And when we have gay marriage, can polygamy and incestuous unions be far behind?”

All of which brings us back to David Mills observation on the Touchstone blog the other day that pushing the sexual perversion envelope is an unstoppable process, since saying “no” to the form of perversion we find appalling might endanger the form of perversion we kinda like.

This is why (mark my words, you heard it here first), within a generation bishops will be condemned, not for permitting sex with children, but for forbidding it.