A reader writes a good cut n’ paste letter to the swine at Sam Adams Beer

Adapt as you like and mail it to them here:

Dear Sam Adams brewers:

Since you first came out (in the late ’80s), I’ve been one of your biggest fans. “Finally,” I said, “beer that someone put some thought into, like they do in Germany.”

I’ve been drinking it ever since and encouraging friends and family to do the same. They trust my judgment on very little, but when it comes to beer…I’m the man.

Fortunately, I think you guys started a beer revolution here in the U.S. so now there are lots of quality beers out there. I’m happy about this, because, sadly, Sam Adams will no longer be welcome in the Mulcahy home nor in the homes of everyone else I can convince. I got them all to drink it. I’ll get them all to stop.

Why all this?

The only thing I love more than beer is my religion and my Church. So now I’m forced to choose.

Did you know that your ad money paid for a desecration of St. Patrick’s cathedral in Manhattan on the Feast of the Assumption, courtesy of a contest put on by a couple of DJs there–YOUR DJs? Sam Adams and acts of religious bigotry and intolerance are now LINKED in my mind and in the minds of millions of Catholics.

We Catholics drink a lot of beer (especially this year)…we just won’t be drinking yours.

How stupid do you have to be to be a brewer and then deliberately torque off Irish Catholics?