Pete Vere Writes an Insightful Letter to David Alexander

Dave, you will recall, is one of the valiant souls attempting to keep VOTF from becoming simply another Nazgul for CalltoActionCatholicsforaFreeChoiceWeAreChurch. Pete writes the following about their apology and it’s eerie similarity to the behavior of the bishops they are allegedly trying to reform:

Hi Dave,

I’ve bcc’d this to half of St. Blog’s, as well as some other friends who are at least keeping tabs on VOTF, to say I share your cynicism concerning VOTF’s latest so-called apology. I still maintain they’re following the same procedure as the bishops in handling abuse, with the so-called apology being the equivalent to what happened in Dallas. “Since the [conservative] media is making a big deal out of this and people now our integrity is being called into question, even though we felt her credentials justified her invitation, we kinda apologize for inviting Debra Haeffner since it upset a few people and we don’t like how this response is snowballing, however we’re not going to admit or apologize for having attempted to suppress the discussion before the media caught wind of this, nor or any heads among the leadership going to roll over this..blah..blah…blah….”

They say they want conservatives to come back to the table, it was just a big misunderstanding, etc… Yeah right. I will believe it when I see concrete action. In the meantime, I cannot say that I am any less cynical than everyone else at St. Blog’s. In short, let’s see the following speakers extended serious invitations to speak at VOTF’s next large gathering, and then maybe I will believe them:

1) You

2) Dr. Janet Smith

3) Fr. Benedict Groeschel

4) Fr. Peter Stravinskas

5) Jason Evert

6) Philip Lawler

7) Deal Hudson

Pax Christi,

Pete Vere