A convert friend from a Jewish background writes:

As a late convert to the faith – in my late forties – I’ve never been stuck with a childhood, child-like faith and awe in priests – they’ve always seemed to me to be guys who happen to be members of a very important order of the Church, but by no means out of the ordinary as people.

But I do expect priests to understand that they’re not just playing a game, or running a public relations firm or an advertising agency.

Once in my life I’ve had just an intimation of what He is really like – I can’t express it – something greater, more glorious, more sane, more timeless, more unified, more filled with peace, more wonderful than any human being can come close to describing. Something so very good – welcoming, joyous, glorious.

With Him, there is nothing to be afraid of, and pure bliss to look forward to.

Don’t these bishops know that? What is the matter with them? Are they half-dead?

Where is the bishops’ zeal? Jesus is their Master, but they don’t sound like they know it.

Excellent questions all. And note this depressing fact: It sounds at first blush like we were discussing the Scandals. We weren’t. We were discussing the Reflections document and the ecclesial bafflegab of which it is composed.