Another “Toldja So!” from Your Scribe

In 1996 I wrote a little book called By What Authority? that (among other things) pointed out how certain doctrines which we Evangelicals assumed to be “the clear teaching of Scripture” are, in fact, quite unclear if’n it’s just you and your Bible and are, in fact, impossible to account for apart from looking at Scripture through the indispensible lens of Sacred Tradition. Among these is the case for monogamy.

Now the Unitarians very thoughtfully undertake to spearhead a campaign for… well, “polyamory”as a fabulous way to live the good life. It will be healthy for Evangelicals to have to really examine the basis for what they believe about monogamy as our culture begins to ask “Why not polygamy?”. Evangelicals are right, of course, that the revealed paradigm is one man and one woman for life in the covenant of marriage. They are wrong, however, in thinking this is the “clear teaching of Scripture”. It’s not. It’s the clear teaching of Scripture, as read by the Body of Christ in union with the bishops and Peter in light of Sacred Tradition. Evangelicals have, in this department, been living off Catholic capital without realizing it. For the reality is not that Catholics believe in Sacred Tradition while Evangelicals don’t. It’s that Catholics believe in Sacred Tradition and know they do, while Evangelicals believe in Sacred Tradition, but don’t know they do.

By the way, read David Mills observations. A concise explanation of why modern heresy begins in the groin and why this latest lunacy will soon be the problem, not of a few Unitarians, but of “mainstream” religion and culture, so called.